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Hi, that’s me again, Jade. I know I look a little different today, but this fairy disguise is a for good reason…

Today I’m going to show you a is very special house and I wanted to suit the theme. So I asked a fairy a very special favour: to turn me into one of them for one single day ūüėČ

Screenshot-7Hmmm but I think this green aura is a bit too strong, isn’t it? How do I look now?

Oops… yes, I know, you’re waiting for the tour…

Let’s start it right now, let me introduce you to EliRoc’s new creation:

The Fairy Tree House!


Although it looks huge, this house is not as big as you may think. It was built in three levels, in a 25×25 lot.
On the highest level, you’ll find the Master Bedroom, with a Bathroom connected to it.¬†The Kitchen/Dining, the Living Room and an additional Bathroom are on the middle level.¬†On the lower level, just a few steps bellow, you’ll find the second Bedroom.¬†There also terraces everywhere around the house and a beautiful garden with a small lake under the house.

Screenshot-10But let’s stop talking and go inside. Follow me, please!

By the way, this light you see in front of me is my small drake. He won’t be here when we hand over the house. But there is plenty of space, if you itend to have some pets.

As I described before, there is a small lake in the middle of the garden. This lake was built around¬†a group of rocks with a very important tree in the middle of them. This very special tree is one of the five trees supporting ¬†the whole house. Did you get it? If you cut them, you’re homeless!

Ah, in front of me there’s also a tree bird. We have two in total.10

Look the beautiful flowers next to the fence! I love this combination of violet and white.¬†You’ll see these colors almost everywhere in this garden.Screenshot-63

After crossing the bridge, you’ll find this beautiful place, where you can make a wonderful grill party with your friends or just enjoy the nature, or even improve your painting skills.

If you look carefully behind the stone table, you’ll see a small fairy house. We have two of them.Screenshot-14

Here a closer look of it. We placed the house among flowers to please the small¬†fairies with its beauty and perfume…Screenshot-74

There a little path around the lake which connects this to the other side of the garden…Screenshot-16

And here we can see the second fairy house. Oh, I love this one! It’s so cute with¬†the blue fowers and blue roof.

You may be wondering why fairy houses in a Fairy Tree House… The answer is simple: Fairies like tranforming themselves very tiny and spending time in these special houses. They even organise parties inside. But they only invite people they really trust and love.Screenshot-17

Here the other side of the garden, where you can have wonderful parties¬†around the bonfire or just spend a good time with your friends. Just, please, don’t make too big fires… the house is right above it!

On my right handside, you can also see the Prosperity Tree, which is a must among the fairies. The second bird tree is right next to it. You cannot see it but it’s there, on it’s left side.¬†Screenshot-22

Going back towards the entrance, there’s still a small corner with a swing and enough space to place other entertainments for kids or adults.¬†Here is also an excellent area for picknic.

You can see the entrance gate behind me, and the stairs on my right handside.Screenshot-23

Let’s go now have a look inside the house!Screenshot-23

Now there is a reason why I stopped right here. As you can see, there is a path on my right handside. This leads to the main entrance, the door we can see over there. But this is not the path we’ll be taking, since there’s no special terrace on it. We’ll use the second entrance, through the kitchen!Screenshot-25

Here, I wanted to show you this peaceful terrasse under a tree. We decided to put an easel and a chess board here.Screenshot-32

As you see, the house has many, many outdoor areas, what is extremely needed by the fairies. We enjoy nature, being outside, and we cannot live without it!

Oops… did I say “we”? Omg, I’m sorry. It looks like the elixir is going over my head… I feel completely like a fairy! ūüėÄ

On some of these small terraces there is a small entertainment item, usually a musical instrument, since we, fairies, love so much the music. We can find all musical instruments in this lot.Screenshot-28

See? Here is the first one, a guitar.Screenshot-34

Here is the first part of the house, the second Bedroom… from outside…Screenshot-35

And now from inside! As you can see, the room was furnished for a single person and, in the same time, it’s a small office.Screenshot-29

This study room suits a teen very well. But it can easily changed into a nursery or into a hobby room. Here the same room from another perspective. Screenshot-27

Let’s go now have a look into the kitchen/dining room, which is on the next level, a bit higher!Screenshot-32

Here we are! Except for the trash compactor, this small kitchen offers all necessary comfort for your sim. All appliances were, of course, upgraded to unbreakable.Screenshot-8

From this perspective you can see the dining table better. And, at the very end of the aile, is the living room. Screenshot-36

The door on the left leads to the main bathroom. Lets go see!

On the right side you see the sink, in the middle the toilet and the bath tub on the left.Screenshot-37

And here, looking from the opposite side. In this case, the sink is to be found after the towels. You’ll be able to see it better from the air side, at the end of our tour.6

Let me show you now the Living Room. Screenshot-37

Here from the other side, looking from the perspective of the main entrance door.Screenshot-38

And now the opposite side. Looking to the main entrance door, where we are going through now, to see the terrace.Screenshot-39

And here is the other side of the entrance door! You can see the door on my left handside.

I must say, I love this terrace. From here where I am right now, there’s a wonderful view to the sunset.Screenshot-40

A wonderful place to have breakfast indeed. Or just have diner, contemplating the sunset.Screenshot-41

One level up and we can check on the Master Bedroom…Oh, look, a¬†violin!

By the way… if you look well to the trunk of the tree, you’ll see the wood coming out, supporting the structure of the house.Screenshot-46

Living in here, your Sim surely won’t need to spend hours in a Gym, he’ll do all excrecise he needs just walking up and down!Screenshot-44

Finally, the Master Bedroom! It’s not very bit but it’s cozy…Screenshot-46

From this perspective, we can see much more plants than it really has. Remember, the house was build among trees. We can control ciment, wood, bricks, but we cannot control the nature. Specially on windy days, your Sim may be confronted with some leaves or even branches of one of these five trees. But they cause no routing problems. I tested it myself several times.Screenshot-48

Let’s see now the last room of the house, the Master Bathroom…

You can see a big mirror right behind me.¬† This Mirror can be seen from both sides, the bathroom and the bedroom. It’s a trick used to make both rooms look bigger than they really are.Screenshot-50

Here, now, the bathroom from another perspective… Here you can see the mirror better.Screenshot-53

To finish our tour, I’d like to show you my favorite spot on this house, which is outside. Follow me!

Oh, it’s already night! Well… even better, I can show you the house by night ūüėČScreenshot-54

And we can take better advantage of my favorite spot at night anyway! Screenshot-55

Here! This is¬†the highest terrace¬†of the whole house. At night, it’s the perfect place to watch the stars…Screenshot

This “floating” terrace is hidden by the tree, what makes the perfect place to observe whatever we want, or just to meditate. Screenshot-3

That was it for this beautiful Fairy Tree House! I’ll show a few images from the air side and then give the details.

First from the upper level, the Master Bedroom, Screenshot-9

The middle and lower levels,Screenshot-44

The whole path, including the terraces.Screenshot-61

And a few more pictures from the whole house. Here from the side.Screenshot-69

And here from the other side.Screenshot-66

And now all information you may have been asking about this lot:

Name: Fairy Tree House
Creator: EliRoc
size: 25:25
Price: 97,151
CC: none used
Store Items used: Check Under contains, store
Expantion Pack: all
Stuff Pack: Town Life, Master Suit, Outdoor Living
Download: Exchange

–¬Ľ Once again, remember that if you don’t have one or some of the item used on the house, it will be automaticaly replaced by the game by something similar.

I thank you for taking your time and hope you enjoyed the tour. If you did so, please remember to either “like” it in here or/and at the Exchange.Screenshot-48

Have a wonderful day!!!

Jade Cullen